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According to the EPA – Environmental Protection Agency, it is recommended to have your carpets thoroughly cleaned at least once a year, and even more frequently if you have multiple people in the home, have pets or smokers in the home or even have high humidity in the home.

Also, for those who have allergy or asthma sufferers, it is even more recommended to have regular carpet cleanings to help get rid of the allergens, dust mites and other pollutants that may affect those people.

Professional carpeting cleaning is thorough and quick! Carpet Cleaning South Gate will work around your schedule and will clean your carpeting thoroughly. We know how to remove stains and odors, too! We will not only make your carpeting cleaner and fresher but will also help to make it last longer, too.

Rug Cleaning South Gate


Did you know that rugs retain just as much dirt and other pollutants deep within the fibers like carpeting? When you have your carpets professionally cleaned by carpet cleaning company in South Gate, you don’t want to forget about your rugs, too.

Carpet cleaning in South Gate has experienced rug cleaners who know exactly how to treat properly and preserve rugs regardless of the rug type.

The following are the most traditional rugs we clean regularly:

– Oriental Rugs
– Persian Rugs
– Afghan Rugs
– Pakistani Rugs
– Wool Rugs
– Egyptian Rugs
– Hand-woven Rugs
– and much more!



Carpet Cleaning South Gate will start the rug cleaning process by doing a pre-wash inspection to check for prior worn spots, dye-bleeding, and any other issues with the carpet. Next, we will remove the dust and dirt from the carpet, wash the rug with an eco-friendly cleaning solution, neutralize any odors and then dry the rug flat. Regardless, of the type of rug, we know exactly how to care properly for it. We will not only get the carpet cleaned and smelling great, but we will also help extend the life of the rug just by cleaning it, too.

Upholstery Cleaning South Gate

Kool-Aid, wine, and food spilled are not difficult to remove the furniture cleaning South Gate team. Whether your upholstery has gotten worn over time or it’s just plain dirty, our sofa cleaning in South Gate technicians can help improve its look and leave it fresh, clean and looking almost new again.

South Gate Cleaning service
10001 Karmont ave
South Gate CA 90280
(562) 508-4788

Couch cleaning South Gate has been serving the cleaning needs of the entire Los Angeles area for over a decade. We specialize in several furniture cleaning methods so that we can clean your furniture fabric correctly regardless of the material. In addition to cleaning dirt and other pollutants, Carpet Cleaning South Gate can remove the nastiest of stains and odors, too.

24 Hour Water Damage Restoration in South Gate

A water pipe bursting, a sump pump not working or a toilet overflowing can be devastating, and water damage is even more devastating. Your carpets, your walls, furniture and even the structure of your home can be at risk for water damage if submerged in water for too long. Unfortunately, the problem will not go away on its own, and you can’t afford to wait very long either. Contact Carpet Cleaning South Gate to help preserve your home and your belongings.

Carpet Cleaning South Gate is available for emergencies and is available 24 hours a day. Our water damage restoration team will be at your location fright away to being the water damage restoration process.

Tile and Grout Cleaning in South Gate

For more than a decade, South Gate carpet cleaners have been providing specialized tile and grout cleaning services in South Gate and the surrounding areas. We use the most current tools and cleaning solutions to make sure that your tile and grout looks like new before we leave your location, and Carpet Cleaning South Gate can assure you that your tile and grout will be as clean as they were when you had it initially installed.

Carpet cleaning services South Gate will clean all kinds of tile, from bathroom floors and walls to the tile around behind your stove. We will tackle tough grease spots in your kitchen and even remove stains from the grout between your tiles wherever necessary.

We use cutting-edge tools and equipment along with the best quality eco-friendly cleaners to make cleaning your tile easy.

Carpet Cleaning South Gate will be your one-stop cleaning destination for your carpet, upholstery, rug and tile & grout needs. Even if you need emergency water damage restoration, we are available to hand it right away.

South Gate Cleaning service
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